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Mar Infinito is commercial agent of two of the highest reputation shipyards in Spain, Menorquin Yachts and Belliure. Their exquisite use of fiberglass, wood and their careful choice of materials make their boats true sailing works of art. Regarding fiberglass, they are experts in traditional laminating, but also in the newest infusion techniques. Regarding wood, both Menorquin Yachts and Belliure are quality references in the nautical sector for their interior and exterior fittings.
Their core business line is new boat manufacturing, but they also offer a complete spectrum of services. Initially they focused on the restoration, maintenance and modification of their own built boats. However, they have seen that their skills and tooling are perfectly valid for most boats that can be subject of these professional services.
Moreover, Mar Infinito keeps commercial agreements with other shipyards to take care of boats, that being small, or located far from Mahón and Calpe, they are best serviced elsewhere.
Taking into account that our shipyards are expert Repairing and Restoring, the installation is a lower skill job that they master perfectly. They can entail into installing a Teak deck, stabilizers, or any other mechanical, electrical, electronic or hydraulic installation that a boat may need.
Moreover, where Belliure and Menorquin can really stand out from the rest is in the modification of the interior layout of the boats. Being excellent at modifying their own built boats, their work in classical sailing boats and large navettas, are subject of admiration by the sector professionals.
Count on Infinite Sea if you are generally happy with your boat, but you find there are aspects that can be improved or optimized, to deepen your enjoyment on board.

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