In this section of Mar Infinito, you can find all the necessary information to obtain the compulsory titles to be the captain of the boat you desire, you will also find the tools to learn all there is to learn to skipper it in the most safe way, so that you can enjoy the boat with no worries.
With or without skipper title, learning to sail is always nice and interesting. We offer you to perfect your knowledge and skills in which ever way you need.

Mar Infinito delivers official theory and practical courses for all skipper levels, certified by the maritime Spanish authority. We offer theory and practice for the Coastal Skipper (PER), for Yacht Skipper (Patrón de Yate) and for Yacht Captain (Capitán de Yate).
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Formacion-a-bordo2       Learn to navigate with Mar Infinito and become an expert skipper. Let us teach you how to sail a boat, how to handle it at sea, to understand the weather forecasts and make decisions accordingly. We will take you from the basic concepts to more complicated ones at your pace. We will guide you through all sorts of sailing circumstances, from the port maneouvers to sailing in bad weather or in a regatta.
Learn how you can practice your navigation skills with Mar Infinito

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