The nautical world is not like any other world in many aspects (legal, administrative, in terms of safety, licenses, etc.). One enters the nautical world by starting to use vehicles that are similar to no other vehicles we regularly use (technology, use, maneuver, maintainance, repairs, etc.). The actors in the nautical world do not behave like professionals of other sectors (port managers, sailors, skippers, mechanics, material speciallists, installers, maintainance and cleaning personnel, etc.).
Those are the reasons why Infinite Sea is there to counsel you, so that you don't have to worry about any of that. The only thing you need to worry about is to enjoy your boat and your water activities. Even though you can count on our professionals' advise for anything you may need, our areas of expertise include the following:

If you want to start to navigate and you don't know where to start, we can advise you in all of the following aspects:
- Official licenses: What skipper license do you need to do what you want to do in the nautical environment.
- Navigation Training: We teach you to navigate, not only to obtain the prescriptive license to do so.
- Boat Purchase: we will advise you to help you make the best decission, taking in to account what you need, what you desire and what you can afford. Purchase is not always the best decission. We will ba with you throughout the process if you require the full service.
- Boat Financing: If you decide to buy, Infinite Sea will be at your disposal, and we will guide you in the nautical financial world where the boat fiscal and financing issues, are again, different.
- Sailing area, port and berth search: We will help you get the berth you need for your boat, in the coast you like and we while guide you throughout the process.
- Boat Equipment: We will inform you of the compulsory equipment your boat must have, in terms of safety, and we will also advise you on what to install depending on the use you will do of the boat.
- Insurance: Infinite Sea will advise you on the type of insurance policy your boat needs, and we will show you all the options there are for your boat depending on the type of navigation you will undertake with it.

Thousands of leisure boats go around Spain and Portugal every year, moving from the British Islands, atlantic France, Nordic countries, BENELUX, etc., into the Mediterranean Sea. In the opposite way, the number is not so great, but it is neither negligible.
Mar Infinito knows how complicated it is to organize a trip of weeks of duration around Iberia, with the added difficulty of the languages. That is why we offer our clients the complete service of advice and management of the trip, from the home port to the final destination of the boat. The service includes:
- Planning the nautical trip, including the programmed berths, and the emergency options.
- Planning the touristic, lodging, local cuisine and complementary activities (golf, SPA, etc.)
- Establishing a single point of contact for anything that may occur during the trip, for instance: maintainance needs (official engine inspections, punctual repairs, boat cleaning, safety equipment updating, etc.)
- Provission of added services on demand (shuttle from airport to boat, purchase of food, skipper or sailor recruitment, etc.)

The global nature or Mar Infinito makes us the perfect companion to search for the boat you desire globally, manage its purchase, manage the importation paperwork and transport to the destination base port. Para ello le ofrece los siguientes servicios especializados:
- Search for boats, filtering opportunities and offer presentation.
- Boat prospection, boat visual inspection, boat trial and equipment function check.
- Boat technical inspection, expert diagnose and technical tests.
- Purchase negotiation, translation, paperwork management, etc.
- Importation management.
- Boat transport.
Once you have purchased a boat, obtained a license, a berth and you are ready to navigate, you must remember, there are a number of things that must be done periodically to remain within the law (safety equipment expires, insurance must be paid, the port must have the latest valid papers, berths rental, electricity and water must be paid, taxes must be paid, etc..).
Mar Infinito offers you to seamlessly have all the boats paperwork up to date, and also offers you to take care of all the periodical maintainance you must do on your boat to keep it in a good state.
We offer a simple set of alerts that ring on us when something must be done to keep your boat fiscally and administratively compliant. But first of all we must visit your boat, develop an inventory of everything that is subject for periodically updating and maintaining. Then we must agree on whether we just alert you, or whether you delegate on us to do some or all of the updates and maintainance works.

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