Mar Infinito has the mission that the firm's customers enjoy sailing to the maximum extent, with the maximum safety. With this objective, it is thus essential for us to have our customers boat totally up to date with regards to maintenance.
Mar Infinito offers its customers all the services needed for a complete boat maintenance, from management of inspections, revisions and insurance, to the boats' hull painting.
Our professional network covers all the Spanish mainland, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands to offer these services. Our objective is that you only get pleasure out of your boat. Let us deal with the worries and the hustle.
Mar Infinito offers you the possibility to have your boat in mint cleaning condition when you want it to be, be it always or only before and/or after using it. The most interesting option we offer is to clean your boat just before, and just after use, and after a weather situation that gets it dirty suddenly and unexpectedly.
Mar Infinito's professional network covers the whole Spanish coast line, including the Balearic and the Canary Islands, and most of the lakes within the Peninsula. You can trust us in your base port as well as in the ports you visit around the country during your long sailing trips, so that your boat is always spotless.
In Mar Infinito, we know that the best way to deteriorate a boat is not using it. All of the boats' components are designed, built and installed to be used, including anti-fouling paint, engines, etc.
Mar Infinito offers you the surveillance service to continuously use and test all its systems, by starting them assidiuously: engines, generators, bilge pumps, using hot and cold water systems, and if you desire, navigating it for a few minutes.
Every time a visit is paid to the boat, Mar Infinito will send you a report, and if we detect a problem, we will explain it in the deepest detail possible, offering possible solutions and estimated cost of repair.

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