Mar Infinito offers boat owners a complete selection of professional skippers from which to choose. These skippers are previously recommended, selected and cross-checked by Mar Infinito. In this sense, we offer you the crew you may need with the experience, the certificates and the licenses needed to deliver the best service on board, be it a pleasure cruise, a regatta, a simple stroll at sea, or a port-to-port boat transport.
Mar Infinito can offer a wide variety of profiles from which to choose depending on a few parameters: the type of motor boat or sailing yacht, the sea where the sailing will be done, the flag of the vessel, the skills and responsibilities required, and the qualifications (RYA, MCA, etc.).


You will have to tell us in detail all the aspects of your requirements so as to find the perfect person for the job; duration of the service, type of boat, type of navigation and roles you need the person to perform.
Mar Infinito will pre select the available personnel with the profile requested, and will offer you three adequate candidates, so that you make the final decision.
Mar Infinito will be there throughout the selection and contract process to offer the maximum guarantee to both parties, and will follow up on the service to ensure the maximum satisfaction to both customer and professional. Mar Infinito guarantees the substitution of the professional if it was necessary.



Mar Infinito has the intention of making it easy for its network members to sail and enjoy sailing. Knowing the difficulty there is to find a way to sail for amateurs with no boat, but also for boat owners that do not find people to sail in their boats with, Mar Infinito acts as a binding link amongst them.
Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you feel like sailing and do not find a boat, or if you are boat owner and need sailors.
André contacted Mar Infinito requesting crew members to inscribe in the WorldARC around the world regatta, with his Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54 DS "Beatoo". Pau and Marc did not doubt it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and embarked straight away on an eleven month adventure.
Tripulacion Pau Regata de Altura Islas Marquesas Tripulacion Marc

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