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Mar Infinito offers boat owners a complete selection of professional skippers from which to choose. These skippers are previously recommended, selected and cross-checked by Mar Infinito. In this sense, we offer you the crew you may need with the experience, the certificates and the licenses needed to deliver the best service on board, be it a pleasure cruise, a regatta, a simple stroll at sea, or a port-to-port boat transport.
Mar Infinito can offer a wide variety of profiles from which to choose depending on a few parameters: the type of motor boat or sailing yacht, the sea where the sailing will be done, the flag of the vessel, the skills and responsibilities required, and the qualifications (RYA, MCA, etc.).


You will have to tell us in detail all the aspects of your requirements so as to find the perfect person for the job; duration of the service, type of boat, type of navigation and roles you need the person to perform.
Mar Infinito will pre select the available personnel with the profile requested, and will offer you three adequate candidates, so that you make the final decision.
Mar Infinito will be there throughout the selection and contract process to offer the maximum guarantee to both parties, and will follow up on the service to ensure the maximum satisfaction to both customer and professional. Mar Infinito guarantees the substitution of the professional if it was necessary.



Mar Infinito has the intention of making it easy for its network members to sail and enjoy sailing. Knowing the difficulty there is to find a way to sail for amateurs with no boat, but also for boat owners that do not find people to sail in their boats with, Mar Infinito acts as a binding link amongst them.
Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you feel like sailing and do not find a boat, or if you are boat owner and need sailors.
André contacted Mar Infinito requesting crew members to inscribe in the WorldARC around the world regatta, with his Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54 DS "Beatoo". Pau and Marc did not doubt it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and embarked straight away on an eleven month adventure.
Tripulacion Pau Regata de Altura Islas Marquesas Tripulacion Marc



Mar Infinito offers you its professionals experience to trust the transportation of your boat, no matter where you may want to deliver it, or from where you want to pick it up. Do not let aficionado skippers take your boat on the basis of cost - the value of your boat cannot be put at risk by a bad boat shipment decision. Leave it in the hands of the professional crews that Mar Infinito offers you, together with all the possible guarantees by means of a service contract.
Mar Infinito has specialised skippers for every type of boat, to ensure the highest service efficiency, no matter what conditions they may encounter: sailing boats, motor-sailors, outboard engine boats, motor yachts, trawlers, llauts, RIBs, jet skis, displacement and semi-displacement boats.
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Mar Infinito professionals have many Nautic Miles on their backs, and have suffered, endured and solved many of the problems one normally encounters at sea. Moreover, Mar Infinito can offer you the best official technical support for most boat engines usually mounted on the boats we transport: Volvo Penta, Yanmar, Cummins, Caterpillar, MTU, Mercedes, Solé, etc.. also the best electrical and electronical technicians, sail manufacturers, etc.. All these professionals can be dedicated to service your boat, and can be part of the crew of the transport if they are required to. Mar Infinito skippers are members of a professional network that can solve almost any emergency that may happen during the transport trip, specially throughout the Spanish coast, and many points of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
Mar Infinito offers the Boat Transport Service has a very competitive and fair price. A taylored made budjet will make every money aspect of the trip totally clear and detailed. After the service, all expenses will be justified by means of tickets and bills. Mar Infinito does not like risks and surprises, not even on dry land.
If what you need is to haul your boat to another continent, or ship it on a lorry/truck, get in touch with us and we will assist you. Mar Infinito works with the best local, national and global boat transport companies.
The Mar Infinito professionals will pick the boat up from the starting port to the destination port, stopping at the ports previously agreed to with the boat owner. For safety reasons, the program of the trip might suffer slight changes that the skipper feels necessary, within logic, and that will be justified later to the boat owner.
The boat will navigate maintaining the engine revs agreed with the owner, to economize fuel and stick to agreed Boat Transport service completion schedule. In the case of sailing boat transport, the use of sails as a means of propulsion, will be used when it will increase speed and economy to the trip, as long as it will not make a substantial change in the boat's straight trajectory to the next destination port. These aspects can also be varied by the skipper for safety reasons, caused by technical or meteorogical issues, and they will also be properly justified to the boat owner.
The Mar Infinito crew will maintain contact with the boat owner, or with the person the boat owner delegates this task to. The crew will necessarily inform of the arrival to a port and of the depature from a port, everytime this happens, and every time an incident occurs. Every time the comunication is established, the skipper will inform of all the details of the last stage of the transport. The information will include all the aspects that both skipper and owner consider important and agree to before the trip. For instance, bilge water, engine performance, speed and autonomy.
Mar Infinito's Boat Transport Service ends when the complete boat crew is back at home. Before this, the crew will have left the boat perfectly moored in the assigned berth at the destination port. The crew will also have delivered the boat documents to the Port Captain´s office. Last but not least, they will have left the boat, at least in the same state of cleanliness and order as they found it innitially. Mar Infinito gives you the possibility to order a full boat cleaning at the destination port.
Traslados Menorquin Ibiza Palma
Mar Infinito does not want risks of any sort. Safety is the first and most important aspect to check before departing. That is the reason why Mar Infinito establishes the following set of conditions to the boat owner, before comitting its professionals to a Boat Transport Service:
• The boat should have all documents in order, according to the regulations of the sea authorities of the countries whose waters have to be crossed. The boat and and its equipment should also be in order and with all due inspections taken and documented.
• The boat should have the prescriptive insurance policy, that will necessarily cover the transport trip and the crew that is to be hired to Mar Infinito to transport the boat.
• The boat should have the compulsory safety equipment for the navigation required for the transport properly installed and documented, and it should be in perfect working order.
• The boat should be in good overall navigating conditions, with the engine/s properly serviced. If the boat to transport is a sailing boat, all rigging, ropes and sails should be fully functional.
• Mar Infinito will write an authorisation document that the boat owner should sign to authorise skipper and crew to navigate the boat and manage the boat transport paperwork. Depending on the starting point and the final destination of the boat, and potential stops during the trip, it might be necessary to sign additional documents. For instance, we may need to be authorised to enter the premises of the deperture port.
• Mar Infinito will write a contract for the service that will contemplate all the agreed conditions, together with the estimated dates of departure from the starting port, and the estimated date of arrival at the destination port.***
Mar Infinito can advise you with respect to the above conditions before signing the service contract. Mar Infinito can also provide most of the necessary equipment, if requested by the boat owner. This advisory service will be compulsory for those cases where the boat is a brand new shipyard boat, or a boat just purchased by the client. The reason being that the client himself ignores most of these aspects.
 Traslado Venecia
PRICES AND COSTS of the Boat Transport Service
The minimum prices for the service are the following:
Minimum price: 180 €* per day per person**
From 0 to 50 Miles - 5 € per Mile per Person**
From 50 to 200 Miles - 4 € per Mile per Person**
From 200 Miles on - 3 € per Mile per Person**

The minimum price for the service will be 180 € per day per person, which is the normal price for a skipper of a charter boat. This is based on the fact that what ever the transport service, the skipper will have no time to do any other service during that same day.
The scale of prices shown above corresponds to the minimum prices charged for a standard service. Mar Infinto reserves the right to vary them as a result of specific requierments from the client: specifically qualified personnel, experienced personnel in certain jobs, non adecquate service conditions, etc..
Mar Infinito will charge 180 €* for each and every additional day required for the transport, but not dedicated to navigate. For instance, a day of bad weather when both the boat and the skipper must stay in a harbour waiting. Another example would be the time taken for the crew to get back home after leaving the boat in the destination port.
Traslado Kymera Porto Cervo

Additional Expenses of the Boat Transport Service to be paid by the boat owner:?

• The fuel needed to complete the transport, and a bit more. The client will fill the fuel tanks, and will give a the skipper the cash needed to complete the transport distance, if it is more than the real boat's fuel autonomy.
• The crews transport expenses from their homes to the departure port, and from the destination port back to their homes. For these trips, the crew will study all the options and choose the most efficient way to travel (bus, plane, train, rental car, ferry).
• The mooring expenses and the cost of water and electricity supplies at the ports where the boat may stop, will be paid by the boat owner.
• The food and drink expenses of the crew will be paid by the boat owner, with a minimum of 35 €* per person per day. These expenses include all meals from the moment when the crew members leave their respective homes, until the moment they return to their homes.
• All emergency expenses that may be necessary during the transport period, so as to maintain the safety onboard and to complete the agreed service. For instance, the hiring of a diver to free the propeller from a rope curled while mooring.
• In general, the boat owner will pay any necessary expense during the boat transport. The rule is that neither the skipper nor the rest of the crew should pay anything out of their own money, from the moment they leave their home towards the boat, at the beginning of the service, until they return to it afterwards. All expenses will be justified by means of tickets and bills. All unnecessary expenses in clothing, presents, etc., will not be paid by the boat owner. Skipper and crew will attend the transport fully equipped for the service they will perform.

Contact us to request information or a Boat Transport Service quote



Mar Infinito has been very busy in the last few months doing what we love most: sailing. Amongst other deliveries, we have done the following boat transports:
Tranport of a Motor Yacht
Shipyard/Model: Nordhavn 60
Pick Up Port: Valetta, Malta
Destination Port: Athens, Greece
Transport of a Sailing Yacht
Shipyard/Model: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54 Deck Saloon
Pick Up Port: Viareggio, Italy
Destination Port: Alicante, Spain
Transport of a Sailing Catamaran
Shipyard/Model: Lagoon 45
Pick Up Port: Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Destination: Sivota, Greece
* All prices have to be increased with the corresponding VAT.
** The amount of people needed to crew a Boat Transport Service, will be calculated by the Mar Infinito executive and the boat owner depending on the nature of the boat, the complexity of the transport sercice, the professional qualifications needed on boatd, the length of the trip in miles, the shifts needed, the complexity of the maneouvers, and any other consideration that has to be taken into account for the complete safety of the boat and the fulfilling of the service.
*** Mar Infinito advises boat owners to act with enough time when planning a boat transport. As we have seen, there are many aspects to take care of before ordering a boat transport service. Additionally, we have to count on the meteorology to estimate the boat transport departure and arrival dates. In this sense, once the boat sets sail, the skipper takes full responsibility of the boat and of the crew, and reserves the right to discontinue the trip if there is an inminent safety risk for the boat or for the crew. This might mean entering a port to wait for a storm to disappear, or to fix the engine. But it might also mean to end the transport before arriving at the final destination of the service if the boat is not safe for navigation.

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