Boat Paperwork

Gestoria Nautica

Mar Infinito can take care of all of your boat's paperwork and perform in your name all the compulsory actions for any boat owner. Leave your boat's tedious issues to the nautical professionals.

Boat Paperwork management

Restauration and Repair

Menorquin montaje

Mar Infinito offers you a wide range of services targeted at restauring, maintaining and modifying boats, which includes mecanical, electrical, electronic and hydraulic installations as needed.

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Boat Insurance

Seguros Nauticos

The insurance policies offered by Mar Infinito are taylor made by a highly reputed insurance broker, and offer the maximum coverage to the boat, to the crew and to third parties no matter the nature of the use of the boat.

Access our Insurance Office

Maintainance and Cleaning

Limpieza y Mantenimiento

We are at your disposal with a complete and versatile professional team who will clean and maintain your vessel, so that it is always ready to depart when you desire.

Let Mar Infinito maintain your boat

Nautical Training

Formacion Nautica

This section offers you all posibilities available in Mar Infinito to improve your sailing knowledge and aptitudes. Mar Infinito offers from light sail camps for kids to private sailing sessions to yacht owners in their own vessel.

Access the Nautical School

Crews and Transports

Traslados Tripulaciones

We offer you a highly qualified team of prefessionals, holding the licences and experience needed to configure your crew, be it a cruising crew, a regatta team or a boat transport crew.

Contact our crews and skippers

Nautical Advisory

Asesoria Nautica

This innovative service will make it possible for you to enjoy the nautical world in each and every sense, delegating all complicated, tedious, routine and burocratic issues to the professionals.

Get more info: Advisory Service

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