Legal Notice , , y offers promotion services (through agreements with boat owners and other nautical sector agents) of nautical activities, events, sailing and motor boat charter to individuals. We also provide the firms with communication tools by means of Nautical/Maritime Marketing and Team Building.
According to the Spanish law 34/2002, of July 11th, the Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, B.O.E. (Official State Bulletin), number 166, we offer users and visitors the legal information with regard to the ownership of the web located in:, , y , and legal address:

Mar Infinito, S.L.

CIF: B-86.558.020

Calle Ramón de Santillán, 4 Entreplanta
Madrid 28016 Spain
Email. marinfinito(@)

FIRM REGISTRY INFORMATION: Commercial society registered in Madrid's Registro Mercantil, in the book 30.266, page 87, section GNE, sheet 544731, 1st Registration.


This web site, whose only owner and sponsor acts by the commercial name Mar Infinito, has the commercial purpose as an Agent or Subagent to offer nautical brokerage services, both to individuals and to firms, with both national and international scope.
This web site also serves as a means to promote boat charter, purchase and sale of boats and other products and services delivered by boat owners and professionals of the nautical sector with whom we collaborate. Unless stated specifically, the information contained within does not constitute a binding offer for,, and, but attributable to the boat owners and nautical agents as owners of the boats and installations and nautical equipment.,, and reserve the right to make changes in the web site without prior notice, with the purpose to updating, correcting, modifying, adding or eliminating the contents or the design. The contents of the web site are periodically updated. Since the information update is not immediate, we suggest you always check on the validity and accuracy of the information contained in the web site.
The access and the use of this site are subject to the terms of this legal notice. The access to some of the services contained in the web may need the acceptance of other specific conditions.
Whatever use is done of the web site or of the services included will imply the acceptance of the legal terms included in this Legal Notice.
The access to the web site and the correct use of the information contained in it are the sole responsibility of the person that undertakes these actions. Mar Infinito will never be held responsible for the incorrect, illegal or negligent use the users may make of it.,, and does not take on any responsibility with respect to the use or access made by users outside the scope to which this site is targeted, or with respect to the consequences that could be derived from the lack of use, adequacy or validity of the web site and/or its services or contents to satisfy needs, activities or concrete results or user expectations, nor with respect to the results that could be derived from the practical application of the opinions, recommendations or studies that the user has access to by means of the web site, whose final responsibility will always be the users's.
The user agrees to use the web site, the contents or services in accordance with the law, the general conditions hereby explained, and the specific conditions that could be applicable to each of the sections or services. Likewise, the user agrees not to use the web site or the services offered within for illegal purposes or ends, contrary to the content of these general conditions, detrimental to the rights and interests of,, and or third parties, or that it may in any way hurt, disable, overload or deteriorate the web site, or prevent the normal use and enjoyment of the web site buy other users.
The user must refrain from obtaining information, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, any class of material accessible through the web site, using for that different means than those provided, or in general, those used normally in the Internet.
The user must refrain from manipulating identification information in,, and, and the user will refrain from providing wrong personal information that will not allow his correct identification.
The user must refrain from manipulating the technical devices for data and content protection, and in general, of configuration of the web site.,, and reserves the right to deny or withdraw the user's access to the web page,, and at any point in time and without prior notice to those users that do not abide by this general conditions or the specific conditions of any of the services or sections of the website, and also reserves the right to undertake legal actions to protect its rights.,, and will not be held responsible for any Internet outages or faults, that will in any case be attributable to the company responsible for the hosting of the web site.

3. CLAUSE OF CONFIDENTIALITY AND PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION,, and does not have any more information of you than that which you will provide or have provided by means of our application forms to demand information, without the intention of generating data base for its later exploitation. Having stated that fact, you can visit the web page without the need to inform us of who you are, nor provide us with identification information relative to yourself. However, we warn you that you might not be able to access all the information available if you don't register.
In compliance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 for Protection of Information of Personal Relevance (LOPD),,, and informs you that the personal information will be treated confidentially. The server where they are stored and treated has all the necessary safety measures established by the Spanish data protection regulation, committing to refrain from communicating the personal information to third parties outside,, and
In case you wish your personal information provided through the forms be eliminated, you can communicate your demand to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The contents of the site, and are exclusive property (or have the source explicitly acknowledged, or the webs are authorized, or has the right of use) of Mar Infinito, S.L. worldwide, including, without limitations, graphic design, logotypes, images, texts, illustrations, photographies, registered brands and other distinctive signs, in any and all programming languages used or potentially used in the future, and the development of the web site. Any non authorized modification, copy, rental, lease, transmission or diffusion is forbidden.
The reproduction, distribution, public communication, cession and any other act or modality of diffusion and exploitation of the material in this web site that has not been previously authorized by Mar Infinito are forbidden. In any case, if the web site offers the download of electronic format documents, it is compulsory to indicate the source and its author.
Mar Infinito does not grant any license or authorization of use of any kind over its intellectual and industrial property rights, or over any other property or right related to the web site, unless there is an explicit authorization.

5. RESPONSIBILITY, and can not be held responsible for the state of the boats when the client embarks, of the good will of the owners and skippers offering the services, and of the weather conditions during a charter period. Its the boat owners's responsibility to renegotiate other available dates and conditions, being the owners who develop and sign the service contract with the client and take payment for the service.
The external links shown on this web site are offered as a courtesy to the users and visitors of the web site, and they are merely informative. The links between the site, and and other web sites do not necessarily imply a relationship between, and and the company or organization responsible for the web linked, nor they constitute any type of agreement, contract, sponsorship, recommendation, offer or invitation to buy from the company or organization liked, neither a support to the company or organization.
Its out of the scope of the responsibility of Mar Infinito, the content, accuracy or objective of other websites; the links provided by, and as a courtesy to the users and visitors of the site, and there is no responsibility of the changes on the web to which our site links. It is forbidden to link any page or e-mail address to the web site, unless by written authorization by Spain Marine Charter, and that authorization can be revoked without prior notice.
Any controversy relative to the use and access conditions to the web site contained in this Legal Notice, as well as any relationship between you as user or visitor and, or, will be ruled by Spanish legislation, and the courts of Madrid.

© Mar Infinito. All rights reserved.


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