Mar Infinito offers your company an innovative experience that mixes nautical training, with coaching and with team work. It is specially designed for group consolidation and integration of new members.
Taking advantage of the similarities of the sailing world key success factors and those of the business world, we use the first to mirror the second so as to improve it. These key success factors include teamwork, coordination, change management, risk management, discipline, motivation, leadership, etcetera.
The objective of Mar Infinito's Team Buliding Programme is to show the firms' employees and management the importance of team work, of organizing the teamwork so that the result of the work is greater than the sum of the individual inputs.
Mar Infinito uses a variety of boat types to perform the Team Building programmes:
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Mar Infinito partner consultants have a large experience developping tranining and coaching programmes, applying Mar Infinito's sailing knowhow, to accomplish the clients's organizational objectives, adjusting the methodology to adjust the programme to the client company.

Our Team Building programmes tackle the following areas of personal and group development:
- Coordination: A team is a coordinated group of people who pursue the same objective or set of objectives. The contribution of each member of the crew is important and coordinating the efforts of all is essential for the boat to move forward.
- Learning Capacity: Even for people who know how to navigate, each day at sea is unlike any other. There will always be variations: boat, equipment, crew, weather, waves, etc.. Each crewmember must understand the overall functioning and specialize in the specific role he has been assigned.
- Environment Resilience: The boat is a constantly changing environment in which the crewmember has to adapt while performing their function correctly. 

- Command: The skipper must take command even when he is an unusual environment. The authority is necessary even in unfamiliar situations. A good boss will know how, when and what to delegate and get the support needed.
- Change of Command: The leaders must assume the role of subordinate and vice versa. Everyone can experience the good and bad of being boss and being subordinate.
- Compliance to Control and Discipline: Every sailor should bear in mind that the skipper is the maximum authority in the boat, regardless of the status of each crewmember on land. On a regatta boat, orders must not be disobeyed, as these can affect the safety and competitiveness of the boat.
- Communication: Communication in competition should be complete but concise and clear, especially when performing maneuvers. Each team must work on getting an optimal rapport to avoid confusion and maximize onboard efficiency. 
- Change Adaptation Capacity: The rules of the game change, so we cannot anchor ourselves to a comfortable situation, because we will not be competitive. Each team and each crewmember must adapt to the new situations: new rules, new bases of competition, competitive alliances between ships, and so on.
- Competition and Collaboration: A boat, a firm or a team has to be competitive solo and in partnership. In the second case, each party has to support its partner to make 1 + 1 more than 2 in the field of competition, which is the goal of the alliance.
- Innovation: In an environment where you compete without apparent competitive advantages, these advantages are a result of the imagination and skills of the teams and their members. These are aspects need to be learnt and put to their best use.
- Motivation: The team has to have all the energy devoted to the common goal of the best operation of the boat and its competitiveness. The crew must not be demoralized after any mishap or loss.
- Coexistence: A boat is a small space where there is no space for bad vibrations. It is up to each crewmember to leave bad temper on land and maintain the good atmosphere on board. It is the team's task to neutralize any potential conflict.
- Problem Solving: Procedures must be establish to react when problems arise. The intention must be to avoide that they transcend to the team motivation and the performance of the boat. In no case should the conflicts seep into the environment external to the boat.
Instituto Europeo del Coaching Team Building
Mar Infinito provides a racing environment to the firm and the sailors in which they can abstract from their routine, and deploy their skills and learn aditional ones.
Mar Infinito has regatta boats of all sorts at the clients disposal: from highly technical to cruising yachts, from light sail boats to America's Cup. In these boats, Mar Infinito can guarantee the safety on board, without diminishing the appeal of the adventure and the risk-controlled sport.
Mar Infinito offers its Team Building Service throughout the mainland Spanish coast, the Balearic and Canary Islands, and on all navigable lakes and reservoirs in Spain. The standard course lasts 1 or 2 days, and its designed for groups of over 16 people, so as to have a minimum of 4 boats (Companies) and 4 roles (Jobs) covered in each boat.
Instituto Europeo del Coaching is an important coaching institution that has enjoyed the Mar Infinito Team Building Service and now partners with Mar Infinito.
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