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Sport Sponsoring is an interesting option for brand and product promotion among the fans, amateurs, spectators and professionals of a sport. There are lots of ways to sponsor and plenty of sport teams that seek sponsoring. If we talk more specifically about sailing regatta boats, a company can sponsor the whole Championship (Rolex Swan Cup), a world wide regatta (Barcelona World Race), a local regatta (Agua Brava Kings Cup), a boat (Alinghi). These are big investments for big companies that pay off really well.
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However, there are options for all sorts of budgets. For instance, to share the sponsorship of a boat for one championship, or sponsoring one boat for one race. Each of these have many different levels of involvement and costs. The impact of these actions depend on the media coverage of the event in which they compete. Your firm needs to know whether it wants to move in the local context, or be a national or an international player in the sport. For a local sports shop, it is very interesting to invest on a local good team that participates in all the local regattas. For an national big firm, it is advisable to compete in one of the national championships choosing a top boat and the best team possible. 
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 Don't hesitate to contact us to explore the sponsoring possibilities and get the necessary advise.


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