The Sea Show option is one of the most impact producing promotional action in the sea marketing context.
The image of a personalized sailing or motor boat with the companies branding is very effective in ports, beaches, beach walks, resourts, hotels, etc., during the mid and high seasons. They get seen by local people, by tourists, by port users, visitors, boat owners, etc.
 Road show Maritimo
These actions can take place as a one off isolated activity, or taking advantage of the organization of a bigger event, that already generates the affluence of people and media, that multiplies the effect of the promotional action.
Barco Personalizado  Velero Casco Personalizado
The type of boat used will depend on the purpose of the action, the boat surface you need to personalize, the amount of people you need on board, and the depth of the waters you need to cross.
Remolcador personalizado  Road show Maritimo
There is an ample calendar of large and important nautical events to choose from to maximize the return on your promotion investment on the Sea Show. There are international sailing boat regattas, boat shows, Formula 1 races, FI GPS races, Air Races, etc.
You may decide which one of these can be the perfect event to boast your brand.

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