Exhibitions on Boats

Acomodacion buques Eventos

Boats are very practical and versatile places to make exhibitions. They can be easily transformed to suit the event. Their main advantage is that boat exhibitions can be easily moved from city to city, with a fraction of the cost and hassle of moving a museum exhibition from one city to the next.

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Team Building

Team Building Instituto Europeo del Coaching

Mar Infinito offers to your company any kind of team building activity on board (nautical coaching). This is a very useful tool to make your team work closer and stronger.

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Sea Show Actions

Velero Velas Personalizada Playas1

With this type of activities, your brand is the protagonist, and the communication vehicle is the boat. This advertising support is active even when the boat is at rest in its berth. The impact resides in bathers, passers by and marina's members and users.

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Floating Boat Office

Oficina flotante

Your VIP target clients might be at marinas and clubs. They will probably appreciate being attended in a luxury boat, as opposed to a common sales office. In a boat you can offer the most exclusive service, with all the privacy that the client may require... sailing is one of the options.

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Advertising Platforms

Soporte Flotante4

Floating arvertising is the most interesting promotion action that you can undertake in the context of a nautical event: saling regatta, motorboat races, etc., but they are also very useful in airplane Air Race courses, golf course lakes, etc.

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Event Witnessing


There are lots of things happening on the sea water, and your company can take part and boast its branding, and give your VIP clients a treat. You can witness the America's Cup, the Barcelona World Race, and even the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix, that takes place around the Port the coastal city of Valencia.

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Conventions and Parties

convenciones abordo2

Any company convention or party gets an invaluable sophistication when organized on board of a boat in an exclusive coast location. Infinite Sea will assit you treat your business partners, employees, clients or providers to a real routine rupture.

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Sport Sponsoring

Patrocinio Nautico7

Sport Sponsoring is one of the traditional branding events in the nautical world. As well as taking benefit from the branding, by means of sposoring, companies help the sportsmen and sportswomen to develop their carrier. There are lots of sponsoring options to suit all companies and budjets.

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